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Simon Reay, London based director of photography, has just completed shooting main unit on Lovely Little Farm, an Apple TV+ Originals family drama, launching Spring 2022. Simon’s role involved VFX collaboration with Industrial Light and Magic, a partnership which developed while working with the ILM team as splinter unit DP on ‘Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom’. Simon then became VFX DP on ‘Battle at Big Rock’, Colin Trevorrow’s short film that bridged Jurassic World 2 & 3 (main unit Larry Fong ASC). Simon also shot VFX on ‘Jason Bourne’ but started his career in documentaries. Simon was the inaugural cinematographer on Bear Grylls’ ‘Man V’s Wild’ (2005-2011), earning him an Emmy nomination for the episode 'Big Sky Country', and receiving a Guild of Television Cameramen Award for Excellence on ‘How to Win the Grand National’ in 2014. Other work includes 'Marley’s Ghosts' with John Hannah and Sarah Alexander and ‘A Few Miles South’ for director Ben Pearce, starring Toby Jones and Ivanno Jeremiah.                     Fully accustomed to working with film formats as well as digital. When operating Simon favours using geared heads, whilst as a Dp he uses a light meter along with the Ansel Adams Zone System to determine exposure and tonal range.

PRIMETIME EMMY Nomination 2010 - Outstanding Cinematography 'Man v's Wild'
GUILD OF TELEVISION CAMERAMEN Winner 2014 - Award for Excellence 'How to Win the Grand National'